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Jaspreet Hundal graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in Political Science. While at UC Davis, Jaspreet was bestowed the distinct honor and privilege of graduating Magna Cum Laude (High Honors), and in the top 10% of his class. His education focused on elections and voting behavior, and supreme court decision making. He was invited by the Political Science department to author an honors thesis, a privilege reserved for a distinct group of highly qualified students. Jaspreet accepted this invitation and authored his thesis on supreme court decision making.

Jaspreet went on to the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, where he graduated with Honors, and in the top 25% of his class. He was honored to be inducted to the prestigious Justice Traynor Honor Society. He was also named a Top Ten Oral Advocate for his oral advocacy before a mock three judge panel, which included judges from the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

While at McGeorge, Jaspreet excelled in academics. He was awarded the prestigious Witkin Award in Real Estate Tax, Corporate Tax, and International Tax. He also participated in the landlord/tenant mediation clinic where he honed many of his key negotiation and mediation skills used in his family practice today. Jaspreet's dedication to excellence earned him a spot on the Deans' Honors List all three years in law school.

Upon graduating from law school, Jaspreet cleared the notorious California Bar Exam on his first attempt. Since then, Jaspreet has focused his legal practice nearly exclusively on family law. He has litigated many family law cases, including basic to complex divorces, child custody, child support, spousal support, domestic violence, and property division issues. Prior to establishing his own practice, Jaspreet worked for the largest family law litigation law firm in the United States, with offices in over 40 states, and the United Kingdom. He thereafter worked for a highly rated and reputable law firm in Sacramento that exclusively practiced family law.

Jaspreet has earned his place in the annals of the legal community. He is known to be a fierce, but balanced litigator, and for having a keen ability to settle basic to complex cases. This has earned him the occasional title of being the "settler in chief." Jaspreet often combines vital trial, mediation, and negotiation skills to advance family law cases through the legal system. He is an out of the box thinker, and takes great pride in offering creative solutions to unique and complex family law problems. In many situations, Jaspreet is able to obtain favorable results through negotiation, and without having to go to court. 

Although Jaspreet recognizes the value of settlement, he also knows when settlement is not attainable and is able to shift gears to a litigation posture when necessary. Jaspreet says "this is why every case that comes to Hundal Family Law takes a two track approach. We prepare for both settlement and litigation at the same time. Often times, what is necessary to advance a case toward settlement will also help in litigation." 

Jaspreet takes great pride in giving each case individualized attention. He understands that each family law case is unique, and often comments that "family law is not a one size fits all. You must approach each case brand new, understand the facts, the concerns, and fears." Many clients boast about Jaspreet's honest and transparent legal advice. When asked about this, Jaspreet says that "my job is to tell clients what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. I am hired to help them through one of the most difficult times in their life. Client's do not need an attorney who is simply an echo chamber, but an attorney who gives them honest advice about what to expect."

Clients appreciate Jaspreet's transparency and relentless work ethic. A critical part of Jaspreet's practice is providing intelligently aggressive representation. This means representation that is aggressive, but narrowly tailored in an intelligent manner to what is necessary to accomplish a client's goals.  As such, it came as no surprise when Jaspreet was awarded the 2021 AVVO Clients' Choice Award, a privilege held for a distinct group of attorney's awarded based upon client feedback. Jaspreet is also rated as a "Top Lawyer" by Justia, an independent directory of attorney's. He is also honored to achieved "Gold Membership" from the highly prestigious Martindale Hubbell review. 

In his free time, Jaspreet enjoys spending quality time with his family. Nothing excites him more than spending time with his son. He spends his weekends playing a game of basketball, traveling, reading, and doing fun activities with his son. He also has a small toy yorkie, Jackson, who also gets more than his fair share of attention. 

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